About Parent Learning Center


ParentLearningCenter.com teaches parents with struggling teenagers, how to take meaningful action and make confident decisions for their family, while maintaining strong relationships with their teen.



The instruction and resources available in ParentLearningCenter.com is based on 30-plus years of experience working with struggling teenagers. Our curriculum is specifically designed to give parents clarity while making the best decisions for their struggling teenager. Understanding relationships is key to helping those we love. ParentLearningCenter.com combines a network of industry professionals and therapeutic programs to provide you with the most comprehensive resources.



Simon Timms, LMHC.
Simon has over 20yrs consulting and operations for behavioral health programs, and schools. His expertise is providing therapy to “at risk” teenagers and their families. Simon also owns and operates residential treatment centers for adolescent boys ages 13-17
Simon is known in the industry for his direct therapy approach using DBT and CBT therapy models and has created multiple therapeutic concepts and integrations with the WhyTry.org program. Simon emphasizes strength-based interventions and Rational-Emotive techniques with his clients. He has also worked as a wilderness and outdoor Education Director. Simon has 30+ years teaching martial arts as seasoned 6th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate.

Nate Stoddard
Marketing and consulting for 500+ private businesses and has developed online service options for Behavioral Health Services including learning platforms. Major contributor/developer of web-based subscription platforms. Advocate and fund raising for developmentally disabled children.

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