At Home Program For Troubled Teens And At Risk Youth


Every child is unique, and their challenges are going to vary. For some it may be in a certain subject at school. Others may be a little awkward when socializing. It takes time to develop life skills, and you are there to guide and assist your child through each new stage. It is a rewarding process, and one that many look forward to when they first choose to bring a child into the world.


But when that child grows into adolescence, sometimes things can get more challenging. For a percentage of teens, those challenges can turn into full on struggles due to behavioral issues, and mental illness. When your situation moves from merely being difficult into the category of troubling, parents often blame themselves. They want to know what they did wrong, and how they can possibly fix it. As each new attempt at solving the problem is foiled, the parents can become completely desperate for a solution. Yet, one is not always forthcoming.


Does this sound familiar? Raising a troubled teenager is hard, and you might not know who you can trust. You have probably tried everything: positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, punishments, therapies, maybe even a couple of programs that promise to treat teens in trouble. If nothing has worked, your mind could be drifting towards more extreme measures, such as residential treatment centers.


These facilities are certainly an option. However, we at Parent Learning Center recommend that every teen have the opportunity to receive help at home first. Our team can help you decide on the best course of action based on your teen’s unique situation and needs. It may be better to keep them at home, in which case we have all you need to help your child through this difficult time.


Parent Learning Center Gives You The Skills You Need To Help Your Teen At Home

The first step begins with you, the parent. You will need special skills to reach your teen, and begin helping them to heal. Chances are you have not been taught these parenting skills, as often therapies will focus only on what can be done by the patient and therapist, with only minimal involvement from the family. Parent Learning Center believes that you are the most important resource for your teen.


You will learn:

  • Red flags that indicate your child is spiraling out of control, or has already reached a dangerous point.
  • The culture and environment modern teens are exposed to, and how it shapes their thinking and behavior.
  • Communication skills to help you speak to your teen in a more productive way.
  • Why setting and maintaining boundaries are crucial, and how to do it.
  • The art of setting reasonable rules, and making sure they are followed.
  • Understanding what constitutes reasonable expectations, and conveying them to your teen.
  • Using the validation formula to heal your teen through positivity.
  • Why interacting with your teen is so important to success, and why boarding schools harm by cutting off contact between child and parent.

Parent Learning Center doesn’t just encourage you, but offers actual courses, resources, and access to trained professionals. We can help you to make changes to your parenting style that can forever alter the direction of your teen’s life. Our experts can tell you what to expect, and help you gauge process over time. By discovering these new methods to helping your child, you will have more control than you ever thought possible.


Parent Learning Center Offers Resources To Guide You Along Every Step Of The Way

Parents who have been locked in a struggle for so long are often skeptical that there is a way to break the cycle without resorting to extreme measures. This doubt is a normal response to the stress and despair that can come from years of strain between parent and teen. Once they have spoken to our experts and had an evaluation, that doubt turns to relief.


We have many resources available that give parents everything they need to begin changing their home life, and their relationship with their child. With Parent Learning Center, you will gain access to:

  • Consultations and Advice From Professionals – You can’t do this alone. That is why we have experts in various fields available, such as behavioral and psychological therapists trained in youth and family dynamics. They will assess your family as a whole, and help you to understand your teen’s immediate and long term needs.
  • An Extensive Library – You need plenty of resources at your disposal, so you can get help 24/7. Parent Learning Center has an extensive library full of help for you and your teen for any scenario you could possibly face.
  • A Life Coach – Once an assessment has been done, that information will be given over to a coach. This person will work with you and your family to come up with a tailored plan that works with your family. They will be there any time to assist you when problems arise, give advice, and direct you toward specific courses of action.
  • A Family Contract – This process involves everyone in your family, and so they should all be a part of coming up with what happens next. Our experts will help each member of your household come up with a list of expectations, rules, and consequences. This will be signed by everyone, and act as a guideline for behavior that everyone, including your teen, agrees to follow.
  • The Importance of Validation – Parent Learning Center believes in a positive, constructive approach to helping your teen through their struggles. The validation formula is a powerful, expert created tool that has been proven effective again and again. You will learn how to implement it into your own parenting style.
  • Educational Parenting Courses – Parent Learning Center provides four courses to help you as you help your teen: the assessment course, the intervention course, the placement course and the aftercare course. Each one is designed to give you the skills you need for each step of your child’s rehabilitation.

Let Parent Learning Center Help You and Your Teen Where You Are Most Comfortable – At Home

Residential treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools may be one option available to you. But wouldn’t you rather keep your child at home, close to you, and still see changes in their behavior? Parent Learning Center believes that keeping families together is a crucial part of the process of healing for most teens. We are here to give you the tools and skills you need to do it.

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