Building Your Own Parenting Community

Building Your Own Parenting Community

Parenting is an intensely personal journey. You have your unique set of experiences and paradigms, your history, your fears and goals. You have children that are your original products, and totally different from any other child out there. You have a home, a schedule, a profession, and a life that is entirely your own, and all of these factors contribute to the way you parent your child and raise your family. So much of it is personal, and so much of it is private. Which is why parenting can be an incredibly overwhelming and intimidating job.

Parenting used to “take a village” rather than just the one or two biological parents raising an individual child. Yes, you raised your child as the primary caregiver, but extended family were close by and heavily involved in the day-to-day life of your child. The community also took responsibility for raising children, in schools, religious groups, and neighborhoods. As time has gone on, we’ve increased the emphasis on privacy and the nuclear family – but where has it left us? Increasingly isolated, lonely, and overwhelmed with the serious task of parenting.


Find Resources To Rebuild Your Very Own Parenting Community – Don’t Do It Alone

It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to raise children all by yourself. In fact, successful parents rely on their communities and support systems to help them raise happy, healthy children who are well-balanced and prepared for life. How can you create your own community or “village?” We have some helpful ideas for you that can make parenting a more successful and fulfilling role.

  • Extended Family – even if you aren’t close to your extended family, they can provide a support system that has been natural since the beginning of time. Reach out to family members, in real life or even via social media for support, ideas, encouragement, or an extra set of hands when you need them.
  • Peers and Community Groups – one of the most important communities you can foster is one of peers in your same situation. Find other parents with children the same ages as yours, or who deal with the same specific problems you encounter (teens, autism, health challenges, mental disorders, etc.). You may find them in your neighborhood, on the sidelines of your kid’s soccer games, or at a PTA meeting. Begin fostering relationships with parents in your same situation for mutual support and understanding.
  • Parental Support Groups – these groups are designed to give you a safe space to discuss challenges and seek help. They may be in a local church, a school, through a community outreach program, or a local hospital. There are also a variety of online support systems and courses that can facilitate your journey through parenthood.
  • Therapy – Family therapy is one of the least-used, but most powerful ways to build your village and strengthen your parenting skills. Individual therapy or even therapeutic boarding schools are another way to bring professionals in to your parenting village, for the benefit of both you and your children.

You don’t have to do it alone. You can find and build your parenting community. Start today.

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