How Parent Learning Center Can Help Your Struggling Teenage Son

How Parent Learning Center Can Help Your Struggling Teenage Son

Parent Learning Center is here to help with every issue you face with your out of control, struggling, angry or defiant teenage son. We’re here to help and teach parents with struggling teens how to connect, take meaningful action, make an impact and commit to confident decisions for your whole family. We know it’s not easy. In fact, sometimes it’s downright hard. But here at the Parent Learning Center, we want to show you that it’s possible.

With a commitment from you, and a big promise from us, confronting and dealing with your struggling teenage son is possible and will make a difference.

How Can We Help?

Parent Learning Center’s practices and strategies are based on more than thirty years of tried and true experience of working first hand with struggling teenagers. The curriculum we’ve developed over these three decades was created to train and teach parents, while giving them clarity on how to make the best decisions for their struggling teen, as well as themselves. was developed to bring together an entire network of industry professionals, programs and educational resources to provide you with the most effective and therepeutic resources available.

What Do We Offer?

Here at Parent Learning Center, we offer different courses that aid in growing your parenting skill set. With the right tools, you can help you son at home.

The Assessment Course. During this course, we work with you to identify your teens specific behavioral challenges and life situations. From there, we analyze and figure out what the best treatment options are based on your child’s lifestyle and current status. We provide parents with helpful resources as well as a Home Agreement Contract that outlines “expected behaviors and resulting consequences of everyone’s actions,” to review and sign with your teen.

The Intervention Course. This course works directly with and instructs parents on how to effectively face several important situations with your teen. While empowering the parents, we train them to gauge situations and make an impact in their conversations and actions. This parent-focused course “uses, industry-savvy consultants, assessments, and experience-based professional programs that are proven to help.”

Here at the Parent Learning Center, we provide you with various resources to help you deal with a struggling teen, whatever the issue. We are committed to providing our clients with valuable information, resources and feedback. Let us know how we can help.

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