Parenting Troubled Teens In Today’s World Of Substance Abuse

Parenting Troubled Teens In Today's World Of Substance Abuse

There was a recent story about a teen in Park City, Utah that was sentenced for his role in the overdose of his classmates. The 15-year-old had distributed a synthetic opiate known as “Pink”, and it had led to the death of two 13-year-old boys. The tragic case has been a reminder of what is often going on right under our noses. A single act of substance abuse can tear families apart and end young lives.

When you are struggling with the behavior of troubled teens, stories like this can make you go cold with fear. Could that someday be your child? Would they succumb to the lures of peer pressure when it came to drugs? Have they already?

Fostering an environment of open communication is important for dealing with these issues. But is it enough? Here are some things you can do to help you navigate the murky waters of modern substance abuse with your teen.

Be Honest About The Risks

The disingenuous scare tactics like Reefer Madness have gone a long way towards immunizing teens against anti-drug talk. That makes them less likely to listen to real dangers associated with drug use, and may make it harder to get through.

You can combat that attitude as a parent by being honest when discussing drugs. Don’t talk about “gateways”, or try to convince them that you heard a story about a girl dying from MDMA. Just talk about how marijuana use can impact their brain development. How a single charge of possession can put a permanent mark on their future. How drinking under the age of 18 greatly increases their likelihood of becoming an alcoholic. How even something as simple as a slight difference in purity can lead to death in most heavy street drugs.

All of these facts are true, verifiable, and honest. No scare tactics are needed.

Get Some Help

This is a hard topic to tackle, especially with a teen who has been having trouble already. Parent Learning Center has courses that can help you to educate your child, and deal with any number of behavioral issues. All without having to seek out an inpatient or legal solution that takes your teenager out of the home.

If you have been fighting against your teen on substance abuse or other modern day threats, it can help to know you have professionals in your corner who want you to succeed. To find out more visit Parent Learning Center.

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