Teaching Our Teens Valuable Skills to Help Them Throughout Their Lives

Time seems to stand still when our children are small, giving us the false impression that we have loads of time to teach them all of the important life skills they need to learn to be happy adults. Then suddenly, that time disappears and your children are now teenagers; adulthood and a strong desire for independence are fast approaching. One of the best things you can do for your teen at this point is to teach them specific life skills that will benefit all aspects of their lives: relationships, friendships, work, and family life.


Teach them the value of hard work. – One sure and basic part of every adults existence is the necessity to provide a living for oneself. What more crucial skill can you teach your teen than that of having a strong work ethic? Start by being an example in your own home. Teach your teen the importance of integrity, punctuality, and most importantly – follow through.


Teach them how to effectively communicate with others. – Everyday we talk to other humans with thoughts and opinions of their own. Learning how to communicate and understand the needs of others helps us to more effectively  communicate our needs to them in return. This critical tool will help our teens as they form romantic, friendly, and even work related relationships. Without it, they will ultimately be left frustrated, feeling misunderstood, unappreciated, and alone.


Teach them how to face and solve problems. – The consistency in which all adults face challenges in life is daily. It’s incredibly damaging to run from our problems as they will always catch up to us, one way or another. So teach your children how to face them. Start by identifying the issue at hand. Brainstorm a list of solutions and narrow down the options using reason and logic. Apply the solution and watch for results. Often times it takes more than one attempt at solving the problem, which offers more opportunities to learn and grow. It is a great strength to develop patience and endurance while facing problems in our lives. Starting young gives us the chance to start by solving smaller problems. Then as our children grow and face bigger problems, they’ll be better prepared and less shocked as they begin to handle them on their own.


Teach them how to responsibly manage their finances. – Knowing that you can pay your bills, keep a roof over your head, and fill your belly is a great comfort which often goes unnoticed until it’s no longer there. When we struggle financially, it takes a toll on every other aspect of our lives, adding unnecessary stress and burden. By teaching your children how to set financial goals, balance their accounts, and to live within a budget, you can give them priceless tools to better secure their financial happiness as they navigate adulthood.


Teach them to care for their health. – Starting young with their hygiene is a great first step. This will affect their relationships with others on personal and professional levels. Teaching them to take care of their bodies with regular exercise and good eating habits will not only help them avoid injury and illness, but will also promote a happier, more productive lifestyle as they grow into adults.


By teaching teens why these skills are so valuable and how they can develop them, you’re building a solid foundation for better decision making as they become free thinking, independent adults. We aren’t just growing an individual, we’re affecting generations of individuals.

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