What Is Causing A Rise In Narcissistic Behavior

What Is Causing A Rise In Narcissistic Behavior

Around 2,000 years ago originated the legend of Narcissus. Narcissus is a beautiful Greek hunter who happens to see his reflection in a pond one day. After noticing his exceptional beauty he falls in love with himself. He stayed by that pond and obsessed about his beauty until the day he died. The flower narcissus grew after his death. Sound a little familiar? Many teens and adults are becoming obsessed with themselves and their lives, and narcissistic behavior has been on the rise for years. Here are a few reasons why:

Social Media

The rise of social media is arguably one the biggest factors to blame for the rise in narcissism. For teens, it is hard to feel valued and respected unless they show their peers that they live an interesting life. Snapchat and Instagram are partially to blame for the constant documenting of people’s lives. It is hard for a teen to feel like they have self worth when they’re constantly comparing themselves to the “glamorous” lives of their friends.  Because of this, they are becoming self-absorbed in their own activities and interests, thinking little of others.

Self-Esteem Movement

Self-esteem is seen as a key factor to success in the world today. While that is definitely true, the self-esteem movement has come a bit too far. It all started in the 1980s when parents and teachers were pushed to praise students to help them feel better about themselves. This evolved to kids constantly being told how “special” they are. Then, many grow up believing they are somehow above the rest of their peers. While building self-esteem is healthy, it is important to recognize that many people take it way too far. This movement is also to blame for the rise in narcissism.


It is not hard to admit that our world is insanely competitive. Children are pushed from very young ages to constantly achieve and rise above the rest of their friends. Again, while this can be a valuable lesson, it is also taken too far in many cases. The drive to succeed is very strong, and this leads teens to focus too much on themselves and their own successes. Getting good grades, being the star of the sports team, making more money than everyone else, and many other life events are becoming such a big part of a teen’s life, that many may see other people or service as obstacles to their success. If it does not make them money, or give some immediate benefit, it is put on lower priority. This has become a huge problem.

There is hope for the teenagers of the world, we just have to guide them in the right direction. It is not too late to help a teen become less narcissistic, and realize the benefits of doing so. Our goal at Parent Learning Center is to discover the best solution for your teen, and lead them on the best path to a better life.

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