Help For Parents With Troubled Teenagers

Help For Parents With Troubled Teenagers

Watching a teenager turn from a decent kid into a struggling adolescent is difficult for most parents, especially when the bad behavior escalates rapidly. Teenagers have so many issues to deal with in today’s world that it is easy for them to feel overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, and frustrated, so they act out. Worried parents may feel as if they simply don’t know where to turn for help or advice. An array of treatment options exist, from therapy to residential boarding schools to military schools, but how can parents know what is best for their family? Fortunately, Parent Learning Center can help.

Parent Learning Center provides parents with real-life solutions on how to work with struggling teenagers by providing a detailed assessment of the family’s needs and guidance with real-world application. When teenagers don’t get the support they require from family, teachers and friends, they can start a cycle of rebellious behavior that can lead them into lots of problems down the road. Parent Learning Center teaches parents how to work with their troubled teenagers in the home and make decisions on discipline, treatment, and more.

Parent Learning Center Teaches Valuable Parenting Skills For Helping Troubled Teenagers

Troubled teenagers are often faced with overwhelming behavioral, emotional or mental health challenges that greatly affect how they behave at home, school or work. The parenting techniques that once worked on these teens often cease to be effective as the bad attitude and risky behavior increases and parents realize they’ve lost control. When teens are no longer making an effort to be a contributing member of the family, parents have to take additional steps to maintain the relationship and find a solution. Often, this means sending a teen to a therapeutic boarding school. However, there are alternative methods that work that allow teens to stay at home. Parent Learning Center is an excellent resource for parents of troubled teenagers.

PLC is a resource for parents that offers coaching, resources and even classes on how to work with troubled teenagers. Blending industry expertise, proven methods of success and more than 30 years of experience in helping struggling teenagers, the guidance provided by PLC gives parents the tools and knowledge they need to re-establish a relationship with their troubled teen and help them turn their lives around.

Here are just a few examples of the skills and techniques that parents can learn and put into practice when working with the experts at PLC:

  • Warning signs: Parents will be able to identify the red flags in their child’s behavior that indicate significant emotional or behavioral issues beyond a typical teenage rebellion.
  • Understanding adolescents: Being a teenager is hard, and parents will gain understanding of the unique pressure and challenging environment their teens must navigate daily.
  • Communication: There are certain ways to communicate with teens that are more effective than others, and parents will learn how to break through those barriers to have meaningful conversations.
  • Rules and boundaries: It’s difficult to establish house rules and even harder to enforce them with rebellious teenagers, but knowing how to do so effectively can really help family dynamics.
  • Expectations for parents and teens: Clarifying what is expected for both parents and children can lead to better relationships and more open communication.
  • Validation formula: Parents can learn how to validate their troubled teen’s feelings, even if they don’t exactly understand them.
  • Boost relationships: Keeping the relationship strong is important in working through parent/teen issues.

All this and more is part of the Parent Learning Center curriculum that helps parents deal best with their struggling teenager. It’s hard for parents to make decisions based on emotion, especially when in the moment of dealing with a troubled teen. PLC trains parents to make the best decisions for themselves and their teens as far as living together, communicating, treatments, discipline and more.

Parent Learning Center Offers Top Resources for Parenting Troubled Teenagers

Parents can’t ignore the fact that their teenager is struggling, and without expert help, their future will be full of hard times. When parents turn to PLC, they are exposed to a whole spectrum of resources that can help turn teenagers from struggling through adolescence to a successful young adulthood. Instead of enrolling troubled teens in a boarding school, PLC methods help parents get results while their child still lives at home. It’s never easy dealing with a difficult teenager, but registering with PLC can be the first and most important step in providing parents with the training and guidance they need to face the challenges of parenting an adolescent with emotional and behavioral problems.

Here are just a few of the services that parents receive when they register with PLC:

  • Professional advice: Experts in adolescent behavior, psychology, and more will work with parents to do an in-depth assessment of the family dynamics and especially the teenager’s immediate and long-term needs.
  • Library access: PLC has a vast library of resources for just about every situation that may arise between parents and troubled teens.
  • Personal coach: Parents will be assigned their own personal coach that will become familiar with their issues and provide advice, guidance and resources specific to their situation.
  • Family contract assistance: PLC also works with family members to create a contract that spells out expectations, consequences and more so that there are no misunderstandings within the family.
  • Validation formula: Parents will learn how to apply Parent Learning Center’s powerful validation formula in the home as a tool for understanding and connecting with their teen.
  • Effective courses: Years of successful results led to the creation of outstanding courses that parents can take, including an assessment course, intervention course, placement course and an aftercare course.

It may be hard for parents to imagine a scenario where there is more open communication with their teen and less back talking, bargaining, temper tantrums, threats, rule breaking, disrespect, provoking and bad behavior. However, with the skills and training parents get once they register with Parent Learning Center, they can take the first step in reestablishing the type of relationship that works for everyone. Parents of troubled teens have to make hard decisions about their child’s welfare, but with Parent Learning Center, they don’t have to do it alone.

Contact Parent Learning Center Today For Help With Your Troubled Teenager

Parents that want to put an end to their troubled teenager’s risky behavior and open defiance should really contact Parent Learning Center today. Once parents recognize the warning signs of bad behavior and see the behavior as a cry for help, they must take action quickly. It’s an effective way for parents and teens to get professional level help without leaving home for a residential treatment center. Gaining a better parenting skill set will help parents navigate the difficult path of living with and loving a troubled teenager. provides parents with a network of industry professionals and therapeutic programs that they need to stay connected to their child and make effective decisions now and in the future. Rather than enrolling teens in a costly therapeutic boarding school, teens stay home where they can continue the relationships with parents that are so critical to their development. PLC provides a way for the whole family to function better.

Parents will be amazed at the depth of knowledge and information that PLC provides. Where else can parents of troubled teens find assistance in doing a thorough behavioral assessment based on the troubled teenager’s current situation? Or create a working contract between teens and parents that establish house rules and outlines the consequences for breaking them? Parents will be amazed at the training they receive from teen help industry experts on how to take back their power and actually reach out effectively to their teens. PLC also provides guidance for the all-important aftercare phase, which focuses on the family’s long-term goals.

There’s nowhere else that parents can get the kind of troubled teen advice, guidance and resources that Parent Learning Center offers. Every parent wants to do what’s right for their teenager, especially those with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues that need professional help. PLC can be that experienced guide that helps families become whole again.

For more information on how parents can access resources to help their troubled teen, please visit today.

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