Help for Troubled Teens and At-Risk Youth

Help for Troubled Teens and At-Risk Youth

Every parent worries about their teen. It seems like today’s kids have so much more pressure on them, with complications older generations never had to manage. When we see their behavior on a downward spiral, we might fear for their well-being, emotional security, safety, and future success. Thankfully, most often our teenagers turn out just fine and are experiencing the normal stresses of growing up. But parents who feel their teen is struggling with emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues that go beyond growing pains, it’s important to get help as early as possible.

Fortunately, we have plenty of resources to get personalized help for troubled teens or at-risk youth. From counseling, to in-patient therapy and military or boarding schools, parents have real options. For example, organizations like the Parent Learning Center offer a variety of tools to help families assess their needs and implement real-world solutions. With positive family support, therapy, discipline, and education – even the most troubled teens can break away from their current challenges and get back on the right path.


What Resources are Available to Worried Parents?

What can parents do when their teen stops responding to discipline, becomes excessively defensive, defiant, or even violent? It’s important to reign in this behavior, but without doing irreparable damage to the relationship. Parents want to save their teen from their own risky behavior, but they often see parental concern as an effort to control them or run their life. It’s frustrating for teens and can be frightening for parents.


Fortunately, there are skills parents can learn to make some progress with their troubled teen at home. While they won’t fit every situation, they could help families avoid resorting to a boarding school or in-patient option. PLC can help parents by offering coaching, parenting classes, and other helpful resources. With over 30 years of experience, PLC can give parents the knowledge and support they need to help their teen turn things around.


Parent Learning Center provides families with an established, experienced network of resources, from industry professionals to therapeutic programs. Unlike a military or boarding school, PLC can help parents and teens heal the rift without undue expense or relationship stress. At Parent Learning Center, parents can access an array of techniques and tools to help them manage their teen’s behavior and attitude:

  1. Relationship management
    When you have a troubled teen, it’s more important than ever to keep your relationship with them strong, honest, and trusting.
  2. Discipline and boundaries
    Learning how to establish and enforce household rules and expectations is difficult with a rebellions teenager, but PLC can help you do so more effectively.
  3. Validation techniques
    Troubled teens desperately need validation from their parents. Parent Learning Center can teach parents how to effectively connect with their teen through a unique and psychologically sound validation formula.
  4. Resource library
    Parents can access PLC’s massive resource library for valuable information. Here, they can learn how to handle any number of difficult situations and conflicts with their teen.
  5. Informative courses
    PLC has created a number of helpful and proven courses for parents on topics like teen risk assessment, placement, intervention, and aftercare to help meet long-term family goals.
  6. Personalized guidance
    Parents who work with PLC are given a personal coach who is intimately aware of their situation. Coaches can provide very specific, real-world advice and resources tailored to each family’s needs.
  7. Working contracts
    PLC can work with teens and parents to create a working contract that establishes house rules and outlines agreed-upon consequences for when those rules are broken.

Through careful guidance, hope can be restored to troubled teens and their families. The way isn’t easy, but it is possible to enjoy better communication, fewer conflicts, more mutual respect, and a higher level of cooperation. With help from Parent Learning Center, parents can learn to recognize the warning signs of trouble and take corrective measures before things get out of hand. They can gain a better understanding of today’s teen culture and challenges, helping them set and enforce boundaries and expectations. So much can be accomplished without sending troubled teens away to boarding school, risking further damage to an already fragile relationship. With so many resources available, no family has to face difficult times without support.


Do You Need Help With Your Teen?

Parents cannot afford to put blinders on when it comes to the children they’re raising. While it’s difficult to face, a troubled teenager can turn their family – and their future – upside down. Sadly, troubled teens who don’t get the help they need tend to turn into troubled adults with difficult lives. Fortunately, parents who have concerns about their teen’s behavior have no shortage of resources available to improve the situation.


Parent Learning Center can lend support and direction to parents in the process of helping a defiant, rebellious teenager transform their lives. This support can result in families and futures that are happier and more productive – and it doesn’t have to mean resident therapy or military school. While raising a troubled teenager is no easy task, PLC can help parents identify appropriate action, then guide them along the path to healing their teen without isolation.


Teens who need help often act out in destructive behavior, but the defiance, rebellion, and conflict don’t have to tear a family apart. Parents who are concerned that their teen is headed in the wrong direction are strongly encouraged to reach out for help as soon as possible. At the PLC website,, parents can find valuable resources, learn about therapy options, and contact industry professionals. Residential treatment may be on your mind, but you do have other options that can heal your family without enduring a difficult separation. With home-based guidance, vital relationships can stay in place and be allowed to grow along the way.


PLC can provide much-needed help by thoroughly assessing each family’s situation and recommending the next steps. From resources to assessment, parental training to relationship management and more, they can help. Even under the most difficult circumstances, the guidance families find at PLC can go a long way to helping families reverse the problems with a difficult teen in a less drastic, more productive way. Parents who need to gain control, open the lines of communication, and bring the respect back to teen/parent relationships should reach out to Parent Learning Center without delay. For more information on how to help a troubled teen and restore family peace, please visit today.

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